Caledonia Little League (CBSL) - Caledonia, Michigan

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Updated 6/2/2023

Team Tournaments - Michigan District 9 Little League  |  Tournament Dates

  • Boys Majors, Girls Majors, Boys Juniors
  • Double elimination, each team guaranteed 2 games
  • Saturday Games: Start at 9:00 or 11:30 am (unless noted otherwise)
  • Weekday Games: Start at 6:00 pm (unless noted otherwise)

Boys AAA - Begins June 19th

Aces (Stalsonburg) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Aviators (French) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Isotopes (Ross) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Red Birds (Radel) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Saints (McIntyre) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Tides (Mulholland) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

​Boys Majors - Begins June 19th

A's (Donkin) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Astros (Sharp) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Blue Jays (Stout) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Padres (Hileman) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Rangers (Huisman) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Tigers (Jansen) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)


Girls Majors - Begins June 14th

Olin - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Luther - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)


Boys Juniors - Begins June 19th

A's (Donkin) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Astros (Sharp) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Blue Jays (Stout) - Class TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)


Michigan District 9 - Team Tournament Rules

All rules are the same as Little League (All-Star) Tournament rules with the exception of mandatory play and coaches allowed in the dugout.  Mandatory play for the D9 tournment (only) consists of a minimum of 1 at bat and 3 consecutive outs.   Please reference the complete rules in your tournament packets. 

Please call your scores into the district phone number at 616-729-1755 immediately upon the conclusion of your game - win or lose.  

Full Team Tournament Brackets - MI District 9 Team Tournament (Coming Soon)

District 9 Field Locations -  PDF  | Google Maps 

CBSL League Team Tournaments (Boys AA)

Boys AA  |  Tournament Bracket 

  • June 17 - 24, 2023
  • Single elimination, each team guaranteed 1 game
  • Championship game on Saturday, June 24 (Rainout date Jun 25)
  • Trophy ceremonies immediately following championship game
  • Time/field locations tentative (may be changed up to game time)


2023 All-Star Tournament - Little League International   Tournament Dates


Boys 12U (Hileman) - Begins June 26th

Little League Baseball Tournament - Pool TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Boys 11U (Sharp) - Begins July 10th

10-11 Baseball Tournament - Boys 10-11  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Boys 10U (Paoletti) - Begins July 10th

9-10 Baseball Tournament - Pool TBA |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Boys 9U (Raffler)- Begins July 10th

9-10 Baseball Tournament - Pool TBA  |   Bracket (Coming Soon)

Girls 12U (Luther) - Begins June 22nd

Little League Softball Tournament - Girls Majors  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Girls 10U (TBA) - Begins July 10th

9-10 Softball Tournament - Pool TBA  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)

Boys Juniors (TBA) - Begins July 10th

Juniors Baseball Tournament - Boys Juniors  |  Bracket (Coming Soon)


2023 Little League International Rulebooks 

Baseball Tournament Rulebook (PDF) Download   

Softball Tournament Rulebook (PDF) -  Download


All-Star Tournament Rules - Summary Sheet  -  Baseball  |  Softball

Little League International Resources

Significant Rule Changes for 2023 - Link

Little League Resources Page - Link


MI District 9 Field Locations -  PDF  | Google Maps 

Full All-Star Brackets  - MI District 9 All-Star Tournament (Coming Soon)